The AvatarState is the signature ability of the Avatar. Inside of the AvatarState, certain moves become infinite (toggle-able) and much stronger. While in the Avatar State the player is significantly stronger and more agile. You will take significantly less damage from all sources.

Players: How to use

To use the AvatarState, you must first bind it to any slot in your inventory using the following command:

/bending bind AvatarState

Once the AvatarState has been bound to a slot in your inventory, you're good to go. The AvatarState can be toggled on and off, so you can enter / leave it as you wish. To toggle it on simply left click with your mouse. You'll notice a particle effect appear around you, this is similar to the 'glowing' effect in the TV show.

While in the AvatarState, moves such as AirShield and FireJet become infinite. These are toggles as well. You can bind the respective abilities and toggle them on / off. For abilities with a significant enhancement in the Avatar State (more than just a power boost), you can view their respective Wiki pages and it should be detailed there.

If you have permission, and wish to view an in-game help documentation, you may use the following command:

/bending help AvatarState

Please keep in mind, in order to bend all of the Elements, you must 'know' all of the elements. This can be done using the /bending add <element> commands. This is not required for the AvatarState to work, however it is requried if you want to bend your non-native elements while in the Avatar State.

Admins: Permissions

Unlike most abilities, the AvatarState is default to ops only. This means, if you want your average players to have access to this ability, you'll have to manipulate the permission node:


Be careful when using this permission node, the Avatar State brings on great amounts of power. You don't want to give it to just anybody.

Admins: Configuration

As of now, there are no configuration options in the config.yml that manipulate the AvatarState. If at any point later on some are added, this page will be updated.