Blaze is one of the more offensive and more dangerous attacks of a firebender. If not careful, a firebender could easily damage not only the targeted creature, but himself, other players, and the terrain around him with the click of a button. This ability is supposed to used carefully, and should not be used lightly.

Players: How to useEdit

Blaze comes in two parts. The first part is an Arc Of Fire. A fairly strong ability that will send an Arc of Fire from the player's location. To use this ability you must first bind it, use the command:

/bending bind Blaze

Once bound, you can click on the ground in front of you and an arc of fire will begin to flow. The arc of fire will ignite anything in its path.

The second and more dangerous ability is RingOfFire. This ability will engulf the area around you in flames, you can hurt yourself if you aren't extremely careful. To use this ability, tap sneak (Default:Shift) and the area around you will go up in flames.

If you need more help with this ability, see the help documentation in-game:

/bending help Blaze

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, every player can use the Blaze ability. If you wish to run a more advanced setup, you could negate the node. To negate a node consult the documentation of your permissions plugin of choice. The method in which you negate a node changes based on the plugin. The node you will be using is:

Additionally, if you wish to activate / deactivate all fire abilities with one permission node, you can use the following.*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

The properties for Blaze is split into two different parts in the configuration file. We will start with ArcOfFire.

      Arc: 20
      Range: 9

Here you can configure the size of the Arc, and the range of the arc. Play around with these numbers to your liking.

Next you can configure the RingOfFire Properties, which can be done like so:

      Range: 7

Here you can edit the Range of the RingOfFire.