Bloodbending is a specialized technique in the art of waterbending, originally discovered by waterbender Hama. Bloodbending allows the various fluids inside of a living organism's body to be manipulated by the bender. It is seen as the darkest subskill in any of the elements, and was made illegal at the hands of Katara in Republic City.

Players - How to Use

Assuming that the server admin / operator has given you permissions to do so, bloodbending can be performed rather easily by a waterbender. Simply hold in shift to select your target. It will appear as if you damaged them, good, your target is now under your control The victim will move to wherever you point your cursor. If you click while the victim is still under your control, you will rocket them in the direction you click.

Command to Bind:

​/bending bind bloodbending

Command for Help:

​/bending help Bloodbending

Admins - Permissions

By default, Bloodbending is for Ops only, after it all, it was illegal for a reason. If you wish to give this to any of your players, use the following permission node:


This will allow them to bind and use Bloodbending. Please note, Bloodbending is NOT given to them by default, even if you gave them:


Admins - Configuration

As of now, there are no options in the configuration for Bloodbending. If any options are added at a later date, they will be posted here.