Airbenders are especially good pacifists and
How To Airbend in Minecraft Tutorial

How To Airbend in Minecraft Tutorial

Azermage's Airbending Tutorial

explorers. There is almost nothing stopping them from scaling the tallest of mountains and walls easily. They specialize in redirection, from blasting things away with gusts of winds, to forming a shield around to prevent damage. Easy to get across flat terrains such as oceans. They lack much raw damage output, but make up for it with their ridiculous amounts of utility and speed.

Regeneration and SpeedEdit

The speed of an airbender is naturally increased. Airbenders will always have the potion of swiftness effect on, making them hard to catch, harder to hit, and quicker than any opponent they will ever face. (Except other airbenders of course and chi blockers).

Lack of Fall DamageEdit

Airbenders do not take damage from falling from high distances.

Notable Air Edit

  • Tenzin's f
  • Avatar Aang
  • Avatar Yangchen
  • Monk Gyatso

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