The Dev Build released on December 19th was rather huge to put into the main changelog, so I created it's own page to link it there. It is still considered version 1.1.0

Airbending ChangesEdit

  • AirBlast and AirSuction can now affect the user if a different origin is selected.
  • Disabled super jumping with AirScooter selected to help make AirScooter easier to use.

Waterbending ChangesEdit

  • Fixed a bug where a frozen Wave wouldn't thaw upon player death.
  • Fixed a bug where the top of a WaterSpout was bendable from some abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where a frozen wave would stay around forever if someone changed worlds.
  • Reduced IceSpike's damage to 1 heart and added a ~3 second slow effect when it hits in preparation for its rework.
  • Can now bend from Water Bottles.
  • Fixed bugs in WaterManipulation.
  • Added Torrent.
  • Added a Slow Effect to Bloodbending.

Earthbending Changes:Edit

  • Bug Fixes with Catapult.
  • Allowed Earthbenders to take no fall damage in protected zones provided they could have used their passive to begin with.
  • Revamped Earthbending reversion (for the third time) Almost all reversion bugs fixed.
  • MoveEarth has been significantly improved. Moved sand becomes sandstoe temporarily, and plants and snow are not destroyed with Earthbending.
  • Shockwave fully fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs with EarthWall looking weird.
  • Fixed EarthBending reversion not resetting blocks to be earthbent again.
  • Made temporary air blocks generate separate from Earthbending.
  • Made earthbending reversion drop what the blocks should drop when mined, instead of the blocks themselves.

Firebending Changes:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where illumination could drop a torch from Water Flow.
  • FireBlasts explosion is now primed TNT. Fixes bugs with CreeperHeal and other protection plugins.
  • WallOfFire is now reliable.
  • Fixed a bug where FireBlast's fireball wasn't stopped by Bending.
  • Potatoes can now be cooked by Firebenders.
  • Fixed a bug where Illumination persisted after player logout.
  • Fireball has a larger acceptance range for hitting someone.

Chiblocking Changes:Edit

  • Made chiblocking only happen on attacks that deal 1 damage (Half of a heart)

General Changes:Edit

  • Made Bending far more stable -- when something could have caused it to crash, bending instead resets and prints the error to both the server and bending.log.
  • Fixed a problem with removeAbility and MySQL
  • Added Extra region protection from ignite and explosion with WorldGuard and Precious stones.
  • StopAllBending properly stops all Bending.
  • Began to implement global and individual cooldowns.
  • Implemented a new way Bending is remembered. Should completely fix any lag from changing Bending.
  • Abilities that lasted as long as they were bound have been altered to last as long as you have permission to bend them. (Tremorsense, PhaseChange, etc)
  • Changed the way potion effects from Bending are handled, to not override existing potions that were legitimately obtained.
  • Added a feature to prevent Bending on BlockPlace and InteractEvents (Like opening a chest)
  • Players can no longer bend if they themselves are in a protecte region (to prevnet things like Lightning inside of a safe zone to an outside one)
  • Fixed permission issues.


The new bukkit broke a couple of features, they have been deactivated for now. These are:

  • AirBlast will no longer flip levers.
  • RapidPunch does not animate anymore.