EarthBlast is one of the strongest offensive moves in an EarthBender's arsenal. This move will lift an earthbendable object out of the ground and fling it at your target. An example is depicted in the picture at right, but the picture is on a much larger scale. This move has high accuracy and can take someone without armor out in just a few hits. Damage configurable.

Players - How to useEdit

To use EarthBlast, bind the ability using the following command:

/bending bind EarthBlast

Once you have the ability bound, point your cursor at an earthbendable block and tap sneak (Default:Shift). The object will temporarily turn to stone indicating it has been selected. After the block is selected you no longer need to sneak. Look in any direction and click in the direction you would like to watch the earth go. If you look toward a creature when using EarthBlast, it will target that creature. A collision with EarthBlast knocks both the target back and deals some damage. You can't have more than one of these going at a time.

To view the in-game help guide, use the command:

/bending help EarthBlast

Admins - PermissionsEdit

By default, all earthbenders have access to the EarthBlast ability. If you are running an advanced permissions set up, you can use the following permission node to your liking:

If you wish to use a permission node which effects just about all Earthbending abilities, use the following:*

Admins - ConfigurationEdit

In the config.yml file, you can configure whether or not the EarthBlast can revert, the range, and the speed of the EarthBlast. Look for the following in your config file:

      Range: 20
      Speed: 35
      Revert: true

Everything there is pretty self explanatory, however, if you defined Earthbending not to revert earlier on in the config, the Revert option here will not matter.

ProTip: When editing any sort of yml file, pay very close attention to the spacing. Never use the tab button. This should prevent error.