EarthGrab is a utility move than can be used with an offensive move to harm your opponent. EarthGrab will bring up walls of earth around an opponet / creature, trapping it. Allowing you to move in for the kill.

Players: How to useEdit

To use EarthGrab, you must first bind the Ability using the following command

/bending bind EarthGrab

Once you have the ability bound, find a target. This could be any mob or player. Click toward them and a circle of earth will pop up around them (assuming there is earthbendable objects around them). This will trap the player allowing you to move in for the kill.

For more information, use the in-game help guide with the following command:

/bending help EarthGrab

Admins: PermissionsEdit

All Earthbenders will have access to EarthGrab by default. If you wish to run a more advanced permissions setup and need to use the node, use the following:

If you wish to negate the permission (So someone can't use the ability), consult the documentation for whatever Permissions plugin you are using. The method in which you negate a node changes depending on the permissions plugin.

If you wish to use the permission node to control ALL earthbending abilities, use the following:*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

The administrator may configure the range of the EarthGrab. This is how far the player may be from the target to use this ability. To configure this, find the following in your config file:

      Range: 15

Tweak the Range to your liking, once satisfied, save and reload the config / server.

Please Note: When working with yml files, spacing is really important. Always use spaces instead of tabs to prevent error.