Fire blast

FireBlast is one of the most fundamental techniques of a firebender. This move is very dangerous. When using the fireblast, the bender is very capable of hurting anything around it. If this blast contacts an enemy, it will dissipate and engulf them in flames, also knocking them back slightly.. If this blast contacts the terrain, it will ignite the nearby area.

Players: How to useEdit

To use the fireblast ability, you must first bind it to any slot in your inventory, this can be done using the following command:

/bending bind FireBlast

To use, simply left click in any direction. A fireblast will be started at your fingertips. If you would like to view the in-game help guide, please use the following command:

/bending help FireBlast

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all players will have access to this ability. If you wish to run a more advanced permissions setup, use the following permission node:

If you are using the node to negate the ability, consult your permissions plugin's documentation. The method in which a node is negated varies depending on the plugin you use to handle permissions. If you wish to use a permission node that effects all firebending abilities, use the following:*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

FireBlast is one of the most configurable abilities this plugin has to offer. You can configure everything from the speed, to the Range, to the damage.

      Speed: 15
      Damage: 2
      Cooldown: 1500
      Radius: 2
      Push: 0.3
      Range: 15
      Dissipates: false

Please Note: When dealing with yml files, spacing is very important. Only use spaces, never tabs. This will help prevent errors when configuring.