FireJet is one of the key utility moves to a Firebender. A firebender can use this ability to propell themselves forward, launch themselves to high places, or just as a quick burst of levitate. If this ability is used mid-air, it will stop fall damage.

Players: How to useEdit

To use the FireJet ability, you must first bind it to any slot in your inventory. This can be done using the following command:

/bending bind FireJet

Once you have the ability bound, you simply click in the direction you want to go. Make sure you are standing on an ignitable block if using this ability from the ground. Skillful use of this ability will take practice, you will likely catch yourself on fire in the learning process.

For the in-game help guide on this ability, use the following command:

/bending help FireJet

Admins - PermissionsEdit

By default, all firebenders have access to the FireJet ability. If you run a more advanced permissions setup, you may want to negate this ability to prevent some users from using it, or you need the permissions node for another reason:

Additionally, you can use the following node to give / take all firebending abilities*

If you are looking to negate a permissions node, consult the documentation for the permissions plugin you are using. The method in which you negate a permission node changes depending on the plugin you are using to handle permissions.

Admins - ConfigurationEdit

The server admin can configure the speed, duration, and the cooldown on FireJet. To do so, use the following in your config:

      Speed: 0.7
      Duration: 1500
      CoolDown: 6000

Everything above should be pretty self explanatory. The times are in milliseconds.

Be Careful: When dealing with yml files, spacing is very important. Always use spaces instead of tabs to prevent error.