Blue fire shield

FireShield is a basic defensive ability available to Firebenders. This will create a small disc of fire in front of you that will block most attacks and bending. It will also ignite any entity that passes through it.

Players: How to useEdit

To use this ability, you must first bind it with the command:

/bending bind FireShield

Once the ability has been bound, you can click to create a small shield of fire. Alternatively, holding sneak (Default: Shift) will create a very small shield of fire that will ignite any creature the passes through it. This will also block most attacks.

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By Default, all Firebenders will be able to use this ability. However, if you run a more advanced permissions setup, you may want to change that. You can manipulate FireShield with the node:

If you wish to negate (cancel) the permission node listed above, consult your Permissions plugin documentation. The method in which you negate a node varies based on the permissions plugin you decide to use.

If you wish to use a node that alters all of the Firebending abilities, use:*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Configuration details coming at a later date.