A waterbender possesses great offensive abilities, as well as defensive. With HealingWaters, the bender can heal both themselves and anyone else. This is a top notch utility that can come in handy if you need to heal yourself or a team-mate in battle.

Players - How to useEdit

To use this ability, the player must first bind it to a slot / item, just like any other ability.

/bending bind HealingWaters

Once bound, select it and step in the water. You will see purple particles show up around you, this will begin healing you. This will not fill your hunger bar, just raise your hearts. If another player is at least partially submerged in water and within a configurable distance, you can sneak (Default:Shift) and heal them as well. To view the in-game help guide, use the following command:

/bending help HealingWaters

Admins - PermissionsEdit

Like most abilities, HealingWaters is given to all waterbenders by default. If you wish to run a more specific permissions set up (IE: Ranks, etc) then you might want to negate the permission node. The method in which you negate the node depends on the permission plugin you use. The permission node you will need to work with is:


Additionally, if you want to give someone all waterbending abilities, or take them all away, you can work with the following permission node:


Admins - ConfigurationEdit

Using the config.yml file, you can configure the radius of HealingWaters (at which it will heal others) and the interval in which it will heal. (In milliseconds). The config file is laid out as follows:

      Radius: 5
      Interval: 750

Please Note: When editing yml files, spacing is very important. Please make sure you are using spaces instead of tabs to prevent error.