Ice Spike rain

IceSpike is a waterbending ability that will deal small amounts of damage to nearby targets. Skilled waterbenders can freeze over water then use this powerful ability for maximum effect.

Players: How to useEdit

To use the IceSpike ability, you must first bind it to a slot in your inventory. You can do this using the command:

/bending bind IceSpike

Now that the ability is bound you can click on ice to raise up a single spike, this will deal some damage to nearby targets. Alternatively, you can sneak and raise up 4 spikes that will act differently. It will throw entities at different heights and deal a different amount of damage. This ability is useful for skilled waterbenders. It is helpful to use this with the PhaseChange ability so Ice is a bit more readily available.

To view the in-game help, use the following command:

/bending help IceSpike

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all waterbenders will be able to use the IceSpike ability. If you run a more advanced permissions setup, and would rather use the node to prevent certain users from using the ability, etc, use the following permission node:


Alternatively, if you would like to use a permission node that effects all waterbending abilities, use the following:


Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Coming Soon :). I don't know enough about the ability yet. Will fill out soon enough.