Octopus form

OctopusForm is a waterbending ability in which the bender will bring up water around him / herself in the form of an Octopus. If used correctly, this move can be used as a great form of offense and defense. Water around you can block incoming attacks, as well as knock opponents back with water. This move takes some skill to perfect, however, with the right amount of practice, you'll get the hang of this in no-time.

Players: How to useEdit

To begin using OctopusForm you must first bind it by selecting a slot and using the command, "/bending bind OctopusForm" Once you have completed this step, you make sure you're using the slot it is bound to. Once you are sure of this, you will then need to get a source to bend from, such as water, ice or plants. You then need to left click your source, if you have particles turned on, you should see smoke appear. Now, when you see the smoke, you will need to hold down shift, as you do this water will begin to form around you. Remember don't release shift. After a few seconds, the water will become Octopus-like and will stay in that formation as long as you are holding shift. Octopus form is a great defensive and offensive move. It blocks some incoming attacks and if you left click while using it, will damage nearby enemies on all sides.

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all waterbenders can use the OctopusForm ability. If you run a more advanced permissions setup, you may not want every bender to use this. You can manipulate the permission node:


Alternatively, you can use the permission node:


This will control all waterbending abilities. If you want to cancel this ability from working, you will need to 'negate' the permission node. To negate a permission node, consult your permission plugin's documentation, the method in which you do this varies with different plugins.

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Configuration details will come at a later date.