A skilled waterbender can use their own chi to freeze and melt water. With this ability you can use just that. This move serves as more of a utility, you can do exactly what the title says, freeze water, melt ice and snow. If you use the melt ability on water above sea level, the water will evaporate.

Players - How to useEdit

To use this ability, you must first bind it. To bind the ability, use the command:

/bending bind PhaseChange

Once bound, select the slot / item it was bound to and do one of the following.

  • You can sneak (Default : Shift) to melt anything meltable, or evaporate water above sea level.
  • You can left click to freeze water.

Anything you freeze will go back to its original state once you melt the ice. If you freeze running water, it will still be running when you melt the ice.

To view the in-game help guide for this ability, use the command

/bending help PhaseChange

Admins - PermissionsEdit

By default, like most abilities, all waterbenders have access to this ability. If you run a complex setup (Ranks?) you may not once it this way, you may want to restrict some users from access. To do this you will need to negate the permission node. For instructions on how to negate a permission node, please check the documentation for the permissions plugin you are using. The permissions node you will want to use is:


Additionally, if you would want to give someone access to all abilities, you can use the following permission node / negate the following if you want to remove it all.


Admins - ConfigurationEdit

The config file for Bending will allow you to change the Range and the Radius that this ability has. The Range would represent how far away a player can freeze / melt from. The radius would be the radius of the area. (It freezes / melts in a circle, with the user at the center)

      Range: 20
      Radius: 5

Please Note: When editing yml files, spacing is important. Always use spaces instead of tabs to prevent error.