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Shockwave is one of the strongest moves in an Earthbender's arsenal. A shockwave can create an enormous disturbance in the earth, causing damage to the land and nearby entities. Anything caught inside of the shockwave will be blasted back and dealt damage.

Players: How to UseEdit

To use this ability, you must first bind it with the command:

/bending bind Shockwave

Once the ability has been bound, you can begin to execute the shockwave ability. Shockwave is an ability that must be charged, this can be done by holding in sneak. Once the shockwave is charged, you can release sneak to launch the shockwave radially around you. If you click while it is charged instead, the disruption will be focused in a cone shape in front of you, instead of a radius, making this a very effective offensive move.You can also use this move by falling from a great distance and having your cursor on the bound slot.

If you need further help, view the in-game documentation by using the command:

/bending help Shockwave

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all players will be able to use the Shockwave ability. However, if you run a more advanced permissions setup, you can manipulate this ability with the permission node:

If you wish to negate this permission node, consult the documentation for your permissions plugin. The method in which you negate a permission node (cancel it out) varies per plugin.

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Configuration details will come at a later date.