Surge is a powerful waterbending move that has two distinct features. This is a merge of the two abilities WaterWall and Wave. This will allow the player to create large waves, or create walls of water for makeshift defense.

Players: How to UseEdit

As stated above, this ability is capable of creating a large wave, or a water wall. To use any of the two abilities, you must first bind it, use the command:

/bending bind Surge

Once the ability is bound, you will be able to start bending. To create the WaterWall, click on any Water source block. Once this is done, you will see smoke coming from the source. Hold the sneak button while looking in any direction and a wall of Water will pop up. This will stay up as long as you are holding in sneak. If you click while the wall is up, it will turn to ice, clicking again will turn it back to water. The water will dissipate once the user has stopped sneaking.

To create a Wave, sneak at a source block. Once you see the smoke coming from the water, click in the direction you want it to fire. A large wave will appear knocking back anything it hits. If you sneak again while the wave is in route, the Wave will turn to ice on the next entity it hits.

To view the in-game help documentation, use the command:

/bending help Surge

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, all Waterbenders will be able to use the Surge ability. If you run a more advanced permissions setup and would rather use the node, you can use:


Additionally, if you wish to use a node that controls all Waterbending, use the node:


Admins: ConfigurationEdit

In the config.yml file, you can configure Surge in two separate parts for the Wave and WaterWall, this can be done like so:

      Range: 5
      Radius: 2
      Radius: 3
      Horizontal-Push-Force: 1
      Vertical-Push-Force: 0.2

Please Note: When editing yml files, spacing and formatting is very important. To prevent error, always use spaces instead of tabs. If you are having trouble, copy the above into your config file.