Tornado will create a swirling vortex at the targeted location. Any creature or object caught in the vortext will be launched up and out in some random direction. If another player gets caught in the vortex, the launching effect is minimal. Tornado can also be used as a method of transportation for the user. If a user gets caught in their own tornado, the movements are much more manageable. Provided the user does not fall out of the vortex, it will take him to a maximum height and move him in the general direction he is looking. Skilled airbenders can scale anything with this ability.

Players: How to useEdit

To use the Tornado ability, you must first bind it to any slot in your inventory. To do this, use the command:

/bending bind Tornado

Once the ability is bound, simply sneak (Default:Shift) at a target location and a tornado will appear, utilizing the above effects. To use this on yourself, look straight down. The tornado will last for as long as you hold in the sneak button.

To view the in-game documentation, use the command:

/bending help Tornado

Admins: PermissionsEdit

By default, the Tornado ability is given to all airbenders. If you run a more advanced permissions setup, you may not want this to be the case. To control Tornado with a permission node, use:


Alternatively, if you wish to use a node that controls all Airbending abilities, you can use the following:


Admins: ConfigurationEdit

Tornado can be configured in the config.yml file with the following:

      Radius: 10
      Height: 25
      Range: 25
      Mob-Push-Factor: 1
      Player-Push-Factor: 1

Please Note: When handling yml files, spacing and formatting is very important. Always use spaces instead of tabs, if you're having issues, just copy the example above.