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Controlling the Torrent

Torrent is Waterbending ability that is still being developed. Due to this, the wiki page information may be a bit outdated / false, etc. More details will be released once the ability has been completed.

Players: How to useEdit

To use:

  1. Select source by Left-Clicking a water source block
  2. Press and Hold shift
  3. You'll see the torrent moving around your body.

From here you can do 2 different things. Release a "Torrent Wave" pushing all mobs away or direct the Torrent to a specific place.

For Wave:

  • Release the shift button.

For Direction:

  • Left-Click the direction you want the torrent to go. Harming mobs and pushing them away a few blocks.
  • Once in action, the torrent will follow the direction in which you are looking.

Freezing the torrent.

Directed torrents can be frozen, by clicking again when the torrent is en-route to the objective it will freeze and create a ball of ice whether it has hit a mob or not.

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