Tremorsense allows the Earthbender to "see" with their feet. This will only work in dark areas on blocks that you can bend (earth). It will create a glowstone block under you, when you lose contact with the ground the glowstone will go. You have lost sight. It will come back once you have made contact with the Earth again. This is a pure utility ability.

Players: How to useEdit

To use tremorsense, bind it to any slot using the command:

/bending bind Tremorsense

Once it is bound to any slot, it will work. You do not need to have it selected. If in a low light area, you will be able to "see" using the Earth. This ability will also show smoke if there are empty spaces below the earth somewhere. (Configurable Depth)

For in-game help, use the command:

/bending help Tremorsense

Admins: PermissionsEdit

The permission node for Tremorsense is:

By default all Earthbenders have the Tremorsense ability. With a more advanced permissions setup, you can use the single node to stop players from using an ability by negating it. To negate a permission node, refer to the documentation for the permissions plugin you are using. The method in which you negate a permission node changes with the permisisons plugin.

If you want to effect all Earthbending abilities with one permission node, use:*

Admins: ConfigurationEdit

To configure Tremorsense, find the following section in your config.yml:

      Cooldown: 3000
      Max-Depth: 10
      Radius: 5
      Light-Threshold: 7

The cooldown is in milliseconds, by default it is 3 seconds. The max-depth is how low you can see. The Radius is the area it will light up with glowstone, the Light-Threshold is how low the Light Level must be in order for Tremorsense to work.