WaterManipulation is a simple offensive technique available to waterbenders. Very similar to the water whip depicted at the right (as seen in the TV show) just not nearly as fancy. When using WaterManipulation, the player will pull a bit of water up from a source and fire it at an opponent / creature. If the move lands successfully, whatever it hits will take little damage. Not the most offensive move, but gets the message across.

Players - How to useEdit

To use WaterManipulation, like most waterbending abilities, you will need a source. The source can be any sort of water, snow, ice, or plants if Plantbending is bound. You start off by binding the ability, to bind WaterManipulation, you can use the following command.

/bending bind WaterManipulation

Once you have the ability bound, sneak (Default : Shift) to select a source. Once you have the source selected, you will see smoke come from it, this is good. This means you are ready to fire. Simply take aim, and click in the direction you want the water to go. This ability has no targeting function, so it is easily dodged. To view the in-game help guide, use the following command:

/bending help WaterManipulation

After a few tries, you should get WaterManipulation down. It is one of the most basic Waterbending techniques.

Admins - PermissionsEdit

Like most abilities, WaterManipulation is given to all waterbenders by default. However, for a more advanced setup, you may want to negate the permission node, so some users can't use it. To negate a permission node, check your permissions plugin's documentation. The method for negating a node changes. Here is the node:


Additionally, if you would like to stop someone from using all Water abilities, or give them all water abilities, use the following node and either negate it, or keep it as is:


Admins - ConfigurationEdit

WaterManipulation is very configurable. The server admin can configure the amount of damage it does, the range, and the speed of the attack. These are in separate parts of the config, with the damage being in the damage category. The server admin can configure it like so: (These are not the default options)

    AirSwipe: 4
    EarthBlast: 7
    WaterManipulation: 5

Please note, when you see the damage is 5, that does not mean 5 hearts. That means the move is on a multiplier of 5. The average hit in Minecraft will land half a heart, multiply it by 5 and you get 2.5 hearts. That goes for all of the damage multipliers.

The rest of the WaterManipulation details can be configured a bit later on in the config. Here you can configure the range and speed:

      Range: 20
      Speed: 35

Please note, when you are editing yml files, spacing is very important. Always use spaces instead of tabs to avoid errors.