Katara creates a waterspout

Katara creating a waterspout.

WaterSpout is a waterbending ability that creates a spout of water beneath the bender. Although less cinematic than the picture depicted at the right, it is a very useful method of transportation for getting up in high places and getting out of a situation one usually would not want to be in.

Players - How to useEdit

To use this ability, click while in or over water or ice with this ability bound. This will create a spout beneath you that you can swim up and down in with the spout moving as well. The spout is a toggle and will last until you either deactivate it (by clicking) or you move over an area where there is no more water. Although plants and snow can be used by a waterbender in most techniques, you can't create a waterspout over one. You will fall. Furthermore, if you click on a bendable block and hold and release shift, you will create a waterwave that will send you plunging forward.

Command to Bind:

​/bending bind WaterSpout

Command for Help:

​/bending help WaterSpout

Players: In the Avatar StateEdit

Admins - PermissionsEdit

By default, waterspout is given to all waterbenders. However, if you run a more advanced setup and you don't want certain users to have access, then you can negate the following node. (Methods for negating a permission node varies depending on the permissions plugin, check the documentation of the permissions plugin instead).


or, if you would like to give a user all of the Waterbending abilities, then give them this:


Admins - ConfigurationEdit

There is currently only one configuration option for Waterspout. You can configure the maximum height for the spout like so:

      Height: 15

Please keep in mind: When dealing with yml files, spacing is very important. Always use spaces instead of tab to avoid error.